My teaching is very student centered, finding what works for each individual. I feel that all students can reach their full potential when taught in a motivating and nurturing environment. Motivated students and parents will find the time for regular practice which is the key to success and enjoyment in learning a musical instrument. With this approach, my students develop an enjoyment of music and a high level of skill.

Students follow course material suitable to their age and skill level. With young children I use the Suzuki method to teach playing skills and music theory. With older children I combine the Suzuki method with the Royal Conservatory of Music program. I work with adults to choose repertoire suited to their individual needs and goals.

I feel that students should be able to play different styles of music and teach a variety of popular music styles in addition to the classical repertoire. This enhances their overall playing ability and enjoyment of music.

I encourage students to play in groups to strengthen their musical skills and build confidence through group performance.